Mei has a job interview and the interview panel is surprised when they realise she uses a wheelchair. It becomes clear that, despite Mei's skills and experience, the employer is not prepared to make any changes to accommodate her disability.
Mei was the best person for the job, but she was passed over because she's in a wheelchair – she is being treated unfavourably because of her disability.
In Victoria it is against the law to discriminate against you at work because you have – or might have – a disability.

What does the law say about disbility discrimination?

Disability includes physical, mental or intellectual conditions and may be short term, long term or permanent. The law protects people who have had a disability in the past and those who may have a disability in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a full-time, part-time, casual or temporary worker, a trainee, apprentice or on probation – Victorian law still protects you from disability discrimination. You are also protected by the law if you are discriminated against when you apply for a job.

In fact, if you are the best person for the job, not only is it against the law for the employer to discriminate against you because of your disability, they might also be obliged to make some adjustments so you can perform the job and work safely.

Many employees with disability will not need any workplace adjustments. Some may need only minor changes or adjustments to their work hours or the performance requirements of the job, while others may require specific equipment or some structural change to the workplace.

In some cases there might be an exception. Contact us to find out more.


Download free resources about disability from the Commission, or visit our webpage about disability discrimination in the workplace for more information.

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